Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Baby Alex and Big Sister Raya Beach Party

Hello! Today I have something really special to share with you. It's the beach party I organized for my sweet kids - Alex and Raya. It is already "winter" in Dubai, so there's no better place to be than at the beach.

I styled the party focusing on the colour scheme - red, blue and white; somehow I felt these are the right colours for my kids. Once I was happy with my choice of colours, I got busy with the party decoration.

I made a cute paper bunting to go with the flags on my two-tier stand, flag toppers in the same patterns and bright red tissue paper pom poms. I also used some tulle here and there for a little added charm. To match perfectly all elements of the set up I altered a jar to go with my theme (a tutorial is on the way) and painted two IKEA tin buckets to fit in. To make all props come together I used two white baskets as small tables and dressed them up with tulle bows. 

The treats on the dessert table included a yummy strawberry shortcake from Sweet Lane and their signature mouth-watering fruit tarts. I particularly asked for strawberries, blackberries and cranberries to match my colour theme. I added some more sweetness to the table with the truffles which were custom-made in white with red and blue lines. And since I know Raya too well, I put some fresh strawberries in the altered jar, just in case.

For the water bottles I used printables from the CD I got with Kara's Party Ideas - The book and customized them to read "Baby Alex" and "Big Sister Raya". Luckily I also found the perfect drinks colour-wise.

Here is the party in details and below are the credits. Many thanks to Ania from The Ania James Photography who made the photos for us!

What is next? Raya's birthday is just behind the corner, so the ideas are already swirling in my mind!


Styling and paper decorations: Lidiya 
Cake, fruit tarts and truffles: Sweet Lane
Photography: The Ania James Photography
Printables: Kara's Party Ideas - The Book.

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  1. oh my God! Lidiya, this is just SO beautiful!! and your kiddos are even more beautiful!! masha Allah

    God bless